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Eat Local Challenge 2010

I am taking part in Willy Street Co-op’s Eat Local Challenge 2010! August 15 through September 15, 2010.
Learn more about the challenge in my recent article for the Willy Street Reader, and check out the Wisconsin State Journal story I’m quoted in here.
I’m in the hardcore level, one of the elite few who have decided to eat nothing buy locally grown foods for the month. This is the second time, I’ve done such a challenge – I blogged the first one, here.
Why am I doing this?
First, because it’s fun! I find that nothing spurs creativity like a limited palate. I’ve got a lot to work with: all sorts of veggies, meats, dairy products, apples, berries, peaches (yay!), hickory nuts, honey, sunflower oil, maple syrups, wheat berries and flax from Door County…. but I don’t have vinegar, white flour, sugar, spices, tropical fruits, or processed foods of any kind.
I don’t pretend that everyone should eat like this all the time. It’s about appreciating what I have, discovering the tasty things that are all around me, and becoming more a part of my place, my foodscape.

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