My Food Journey

April Garden Pics

We call this rosebush the “Popcorn Rose” since it’s got tiny yellow flowers that look a lot like popcorn from a distance……

I have no idea what the variety is really called. It’s extremely well established here, and one of the most vigorous climbing roses that I’ve ever encountered. It was probably planted by the original owners of this house.

The apple tree in bloom.

In the past few weeks, the Japanese Maple has gotten its leaves back. The new leaves are an amazing bright green color.

The raccoons finally managed to tear our compost bin apart, so Johnny took some duck tape to it. It’s pretty sturdy now, which is good – the raccoons are tenacious!

It makes great compost! We don’t compost meat or dairy, (so we don’t attract too many critters) but all the rest of our organic vegetable scraps go in here.

The thyme is growing faster than ever right now!

Red Russian Kale. I planted this in October or November….It’s finally ready to eat!

We have two kinds of magnolias in the front yard. I think this one is a Star Magnolia, and I’m not sure about the other one. They’re just gorgeous right now!

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