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Early May Garden Pics

As you can see, we haven’t mowed our lawn yet this year. I love how the grass looks right now – it’s like we have our own mini prairie! It’s mostly rattlesnake grass, which has a beautiful seed pod.

This Azalea in the front yard is going crazy! In the 3 years we’ve been a this house, this is by far the best year for blooms. I don’t know what the variety is called, but it’s just gorgeous and super fragrant.

Here’s the little veggie garden. The potatoes are doing really well!

The bees are busily pollinating the flowers on the little apple tree by our front door. The tree itself is actually on our neighbor’s property, but it hangs over onto ours, and our neighbors don’t seem to care for apples… I’ve never seen them pick any. Johnny will be making apple butter this fall thanks to this little bee!

The “Popcorn Rose” is in its prime right now. It’s just gorgeous, and so amazingly vigorous. We just cunstructed this arbor last year!

The fuzzy bunny

The Ladies Mantle (aka Alchemia) is sprouting new leaves.

This is an old lilac is beautiful, but a little frustrating. All I want to do is bury my face in the fragrant blooms, but most of them are too high to reach.

Even the Rosemary is blooming right now.

I just got this start at the garden center yesterday. It’s French Sorrel – something I’ve been wanting for a while. The leaves have a really sour flavor – I’m excited to experiment with them in the kitchen when the plant is big enough.

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