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Grilled Fruit and Chocolate Birthday Cake

This birthday cake was a wonderful example of serendipitous cooking.

We had a small get-together with some friends for Johnny’s birthday on Memorial Day. I had to work that day, so our friend Erin graciously offered to make a beet chocolate cake. (yes, chocolate cake with beets in it – they add a wonderful earthy richness!) She arrived with the cake and a pint of whipping cream for frosting. I happened to have a bunch of strawberries and apriums (a stone fruit variety that’s 1/4 plum, 3/4 apricot) that needed to be used up, so I decided to grill them on shish-kebabs.

Grilled fruit is one of those things I can’t believe more people don’t do. It’s totally delicious – like pie without the crust….

We whipped the cream, cut the cake into two layers, frosted one half, layered on some grilled fruit, put the other piece on top, and added more frosting and fruit. Messy, but wow – it was so good!

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