My Food Journey

Late May Garden Pics

The apple tree is already forming little apples – How quickly it goes from flower to fruit!

Things have been growing so fast! We had a few days of freak hot weather a couple weeks ago, and it really jump-started my garden. (Here on the coast it almost never gets over 80 degrees, and we had a few 85 and even 90 degree days.) It’s been pretty normal since then – cool and foggy. The picture above is the front garden about a week ago. The Rhododendron and Azalea were in full bloom. The heat-wave made their flowers rot quickly – they’re all turning brown now. It’s funny – the Azalea blends in with the foggy sky in this picture – both were totally white.

Mustard Greens and Lettuce. The lettuce especially is growing really well. We’ve been eating salad from the garden for a few weeks now.

The potatoes are just awesome! I expect to be eating them in a month tops. They haven’t bloomed yet, but I bet they will soon….

This is a garlic head that speared a falling azalea flower. The garlic will probably be done before too long as well.

The back garden doesn’t get as much sun as the front, so it’s pretty much impossible to grow veggies…..this lavender sure is pretty though…..

I’ve forgotten the name of this columbine. It’s kind of under-stated, but beautiful none the less.

The Japanese Painted Fern is so happy in its spot! It’s one of the most beautiful plants we have!

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