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Killer Chocolate-Cherry Birthday Cake

I’m not kidding when I call this cake killer! I made it for the birthday potluck I had on Saturday, and it was about as rich as a cake can possibly be.

These are local cherries from Willow Creek. It was perfect timing – the cherry harvest is in full swing up there! I got a mixture of Bing and Rainer cherries from Neukom Family Farm – growers of some of the tastiest fruits in all of Humboldt County!)

Here they are pitted. It took a while, but I did it all with just a paring knife. My hands were stained yellow by the time I was done!

Lots and lots of whipped cream, with a tiny bit of sugar, vanilla, and cherry flavoring added.

And here are the caked! I quadrupled this recipe from Epicurious. It’s amazingly simple, and amazingly rich – just chocolate, butter, sugar, eggs, and cocoa powder. I made quite a bit – I wasn’t sure how many people to expect, and I certainly didn’t want to run out of cake!

Here’s the first layer of cake. There were six layers in all. Between each I slathered on whipped cream and a layer of cherries.

Here it is almost frosted. Mmmmm…..

And here’s the finished cake! I covered it in chocolate shavings for an added touch. The only drawback to this cake is that it was very very very rich. Too much could make you feel a little woozy. It was amazing in small doses though!

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