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Late June Garden Pics

The onions are blooming! This is a red onions I planted last fall. The plant is about 3 feet tall! It’ll be ready to dig soon.

The Rose Campion is doing really well this year – I just love the color! The plant has been here for who knows how long, but up until this year is was so stifled under ivy and blackberry vines that it only had one or two blooms. We cleared it out late last summer, and it’s going off this year!

The tomatoes are doing pretty well. This one is blooming already. It’s still pretty small, but I guess I’ll just watch it to see what happens. I’ve learned not to be overly optimistic about growing tomatoes here – it’s just too cold in the summer-time.

I harvested all the lettuce leaves (for soup!) but I left the plants in the ground so they can re-seed themselves. I had lots and lots of volunteer squash and tomatoes coming up amongst the potatoes, so I transplanted a few among the lettuce. We’ll see what happens. I don’t have a lot of money to spend on plants, so I decided to try an all volunteer veggie garden this summer.

We finally got the soaker hose out this weekend, so at least I’ll know things are getting enough water. I had been neglecting the watering pretty badly, but with the soaker hose all I have to do is turn in on for 15 or 20 minutes every few days.

All the forest fires in Northern California this the past week have brought an unusual amount of smoke our way. There’s no fog in this picture, it’s all smoke billowing in from the fires. We don’t usually get much smoke here on the coast, but I guess the wind’s just right this time, plus there’s a lot of fires burning. It’s pretty odd to have it be overcast, but without clouds.

The kaffir lime tree on the front porch is really happy now – It’s setting lots of new leaves. There’s really no decent Thai food in this area, so I’m forced to make it at home. Kaffir lime leaves are an essential ingredient, and I can’t always get them at the C0-op.

This is the French sorel on the front porch. It seems to like it there. I love the sour taste of the leaves – especially in salad.

The back garden is nicer than it’s ever been. The deer haven’t raided it yet this year, so we have an unusual amount of un-chewed-on-plants.

This rose always blooms around the Fourth of July. It’s quite patriotic with the blue lobelia behind it!

Th fuchsia by the front door is going off right now as well. The blooms are so intricate, they always look fake to me….

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