A Local Feast At La Trattoria

Life’s been pretty busy for me the last few weeks. I haven’t had much time to cook, and when I have had time, there was no time to take pictures or blog about it.

Last week we had the opportunity to attend a very special meal at La Trattoria (my favorite restaurant it town,) however. It was a “price fixed” meal, reservations required, and everyone was served the same things at the same time. It wasn’t cheap – $38.00 per person, plus a bottle of wine, but it was worth it! The entire 5 course meal was entirely made of locally grown ingredients. As far as I could tell, the cook didn’t even use olive oil or salt, which for a good Italian restaurant is quite a feat! 

We started off with a bottle of Merlot from Winnett Vineyards, in Willow Creek. The restaurant was only serving wines that were grown and vinted in Humboldt County, and Winnett is one of the few good ones that fit the bill. The first course (above,) was Humboldt Grassfed Beef carpacio, (raw beef pounded very thin,) topped with fresh arugula, Pierce Family Farm bell peppers, and Earthly Edibles onions.

The second course was a barley soup with roasted vegetables and basil. Wow! I was really amazed at how much flavor the vegetables and herbs had without salt or other spices. The barley was from Shakefork Community Farm, one of the only farms in our area attempting to grow grains. It was delicious!

It looked so good, I started eating the main course before I remembered to take a picture – Lamb, braised in a white wine sauce with herbs and vegetables, and beans from Warren Creek Farm. The lamb was melt in your mouth tender, and the beans were the perfect complement. Wow again!

This was the “Contorno,” course, a small vegetable course between the main course and dessert – Green beans stewed with tomatoes, onion, garlic, and basil. It was kind of an odd course by itself, but delicious none the less.

Unfortunately, I finished the dessert before I remembered to take a picture! I guess that’s sign that I liked it! It was peach ice cream made with Neukom Family Farm peaches and Humboldt Creamery cream, sweetened with local honey. It was really good – not too sweet. They served it with herbal tea (peppermint or mormon.)

Again, all this was grown locally – everything. If only I could eat like this every night!